Denali 2016


This expedition will be TEAM LEBANON's 5th Summit in our quest to be the first ALL-Lebanese Team to climb the "seven summits" of the world, after successfully summiting the highest summits of South America, Europe, Oceania and the African Continents.


This expedition to the summit of North America will be around 23 days long, traversing miles of heavily glaciated terrain in extremes temperature & weather. We will be living at high altitude, pulling a sled with 30 KG of personal gear and food/supplies, acclimatizing our bodies to the altitude and enjoying the beauty of this unique mountain in the Northern Arctic region.


Mount Denali is the highest peak in North America at 6,194m, with the highest total cumulative ascent of all the seven summits, it is known to have a lower success rate than Mt Everest.


We will be embarking on this expedition in May of 2016, and will update this section with our detailed itinerary ahead of time.


Weather and snow conditions will ultimately determine our progress on the mountain. This itinerary is a rough guide and outlines a possible schedule. Our style on the mountain is flexible and will fluctuate on a 24 hour basis depending on conditions.

  • Day 1 2:00 pm meet at AMS for the expedition orientation, lunch packing, gear check and issuing.
  • Day 2 8:00 am meet at AMS for skills practice, and National Park Service orientation. 4:00 pm fly to Base Camp, 7,200', distance: 60 miles, elevation gain: 6850'
  • Day 3 Base Camp: organize, acclimate, review glacier travel and crevasse rescue, take a deep breath and enjoy the view
  • Day 4 Single to Ski Hill, Camp 1, 7,800', distance: 5.5 miles, elevation gain: 600'
  • Day 5 Carry to Kahiltna Pass, 9,700', distance: 5 miles, elevation gain: 1900'
  • Day 6 Move to Kahiltna Pass, Camp 2, 9,700', distance: 5 miles, elevation gain: 1900', under the right conditions we may move all the way to 11,000'
  • Day 7 Single to 11,000', Camp 3, distance: 1.5 miles, elevation gain: 1300'
  • Day 8 Rest day
  • Day 9 Carry to 13,500' around Windy Corner, distance: 1.75 miles, elevation gain: 2500'
  • Day 10 Move to 14,200', Camp IV, distance: 2.75 miles, elevation gain: 3200'
  • Day 11 Back carry 13,500' cache, distance: 1 mile, elevation gain: 700'
  • Day 12 Carry to 16,200' , distance: 1 mile, elevation gain: 2000'.
  • Day 13 Rest at 14,200'
  • Day 14 Move to 16,200 feet or 17,200', Camp V, distance: 1.75 miles, elevation gain: 3000'
  • Day 15 Rest day or move to 17,200 feet, Camp VI, distance: 1.75 miles, elevation gain: 3000'
  • Day 16-19 Summit days, distance: 4 miles, elevation gain: 3120'
  • Day 20 Return to 14,200 feet or 11,000', distance: 2.25 miles
  • Day 21 Return to Base Camp, 7,200', distance: 11.25 miles, fly back to Talkeetna
  • Day 22 Weather day